Dear Marie,

On behalf of the Hong Kong Sports Institute (“HKSI”), I would like to express our gratitude to you for the financial support of the Sports For Hope foundation to the HKSI Outstanding Junior Athlete Awards since 2012.  Please help extend our greatest appreciation to all your colleagues who have helped make the Awards scheme a success.

The Awards Scheme provides an excellent platform to acknowledge junior athletes for their outstanding performance at international sporting competitions.  The awardees have also set a good example for the young generation with different family background the importance of hard work and perseverance.

Through the quarterly presentation ceremonies in which their teammates, coaches, family members, teachers, principals,  officials of sporting authorities and the media participate, the athletes are encouraged by such community recognition that is essential to sustain their interest and commitment to sport.  These are also beneficial to the growth and personal development of the youngsters.

Thank you once again and we look forward to our continued favorable collaboration.

Yours sincerely,

Laurent madore

Director of Marketing & Development
c.c Rainnie Ip, Public Affairs & Marketing Manager, HKSI

Hong Kong Sports Institute,

Dear Marie,

Sport Legacy Scheme

On behalf of the Federation, I would take this opportunity to specially thank the Sports for Hope Foundation (Foundation) for being our sponsor of the Sports Legacy Scheme since 2012.

Under your wholehearted leadership, your esteemed Foundation has been contributing a substantial funding to support underprivileged students from the remote area, nurturing thousands of youths with positive attitude towards not only sports and education but also their daily life.  With your Foundation’s continuted support, I deeply believe that the Scheme could offer a valuable opportunity to reinforce the younger generation’s self-confidence and bring hopes to them to achieve their goals through sports training and sharing of the real life stories by our athlete coaches.

Once again, thank you for the staunch support of Sport for Hope Foundation.

Yours sincerely,


Ronnie Wong

Hon. Secretary General

c.c. Mr Timothy FOK, GBS, JP, President of SF&OC

Mr. Victor HUI, GBS, JP, Vice President of SF&OC cum

Chairman of HKACEP Committee

Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong,

Dear Ms. Lee,

On behalf of the Physical Education Unito of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), I would like to express my gratitude to you and the Sports for Hope Foundation for the generous support we have received for the establishment of the “Sports for Hope Foundation – CHUK Elite Athletes Scheme”.

The Sports for Hope Foundation has made a donation of HK$2.6 million to the University from 2012/12 to 2015/16.  The donation has been used to support various sports development programmes, including setting up scholarships for brilliant students and supporting training activities for both sports team members and captains.  The scholarship scheme aims to provide support to outstanding CHUK student athletes with financial need; while the training activities are designed to strengthen the rapport between sports team members; enhance their competence; and enrich the understanding among captains of different sports teams.  It is strongly believed that, with the above-mentioned initiatives, sports team members’ and captains’ confidence, self-awareness, leadership and organizational skills can be greatly enhanced.  Sustainable development and growth of sports teams can also be achieved.

Your continued support towards the Physical Education Unit of CHUK is greatly appreciated.  We are truly grateful for the generosity of your Foundation in realizing our vision in nurturing more bright your athletes for society.

I wish the Sports for Hope Foundation every success in all its future endeavors.

Yours sincerely

Leung Fung Lin Elean


Physical Education Unit

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong,

“The Tennis Rocks programme has allowed kids from families that are otherwise unable to afford the

sport to pick up a racquet, and provide them the opportunity to strive for excellence and relieve poverty.

Jerome playing 33 consecutive matches over 2 days to set the Guinness World Record is a perfect

example of persistence and hard work and is the role model for young players to look up to. They are

the ingredients to success, and there is no easy route in sports.”

from Christopher Lai, Chief Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Tennis Association

Hong Kong Tennis Association,