Marie-Christine Lee (利蘊珍) set out on a 260km 3 days cycling adventure on the silk road starting in Simuhana (斯木哈什), at the border between China and Kyrgyzstan, successfully finishing in Kasghar (喀什) in Xinjiang (新彊) region. She joined the final stage of Andrea Oschetti’s 3000km bicycle expedition from Iran to China solo, and followed the route of some of the greater journeys in history connecting East and West, retracing Marco Polo, Genghis Khan, Xuan Zang, Alexander the Great, Ibn Battuta.


This adventure has been Marie’s most challenging one, physically and mentally. The ultimate goal shared with Andrea’s expedition, to raise seed funding for Sports For Hope Foundation.

I have to adapt to different adjustments due to constant changes of climate. It is almost outstanding to experience four seasons on one mountain , road conditions varies from rocky to sandy to muddy and altitude ranging from 2300 – 3000m.


The scenery of the Silk Road was amazingly diverse and beautiful. In this 1.6 million square kilometer west land. There are tall snow-clad mountains., the world roof, the pasturelands, the vast deserts, the surging rivers, the canyons, the valleys, mist covered oasis and lakes. Such a big difference in topography can be found.


I am extremely pleased with the outcome and this will be unforgettable. The long history and hardships of the “Silk Road” show us a bigger historical stage for performing more colourful  cultural programs from the West China. Let us all treasure this “Gift from God to us”.


My heartful appreciation to my whole team Andrea, Daniel, Samuel and Annie and Now TV camera crew who unconditionally supported the whole journey. Last but not least to all my family and friends who trusted and believed in us.


Sports For Hope Foundation successfully raised over HKD 8 million initial funding to kick start our mission in 2012.