Place of Birth: Cologne

Occupation: Inventor

Why did you join SFHF?

Firstly, as a sports lover myself, I understand that talented athletes need platforms to express themselves.
Secondly, in striving to maximize needy youngsters’ raw potential athletic talent, SFHF serves as a family that encourages its members to be outgoing, confident, and to begin believing in every possibility! Having been exposed to such a positive mindset at an early age, beneficiaries can’t help but endeavor to extend their boundaries!
Last but not least, as a specialist sports and related product designer, I believe SFHF provides a wonderful arena in which to get to know and better understand athletes’ evolving design needs. As such, the Foundation represents a very beneficial merging of the interests of both business and non-profit organizations.
In joining SFHF, I hope to use my experience and expertise to shape individual talents and build better teams whose achieving of bigger sporting accomplishments will further enhance Hong Kong’s image across the sporting world.

What does SFHF mean to you?

For me, SFHF does way more than simply bring ‘hope’ to youngsters. It is rather an interactive initiative that unlocks younger athletes’ unfocused athletic abilities and encourages retired sportsmen and women to leverage their skills to benefit a new generation of talents.
Ultimately, SFHF is a much-needed platform that nurtures untapped potential and I am happy to do all I can to help.

What is your role in SFHF?

I’m a design specialist who communicates with – and tries to understand the needs of – Hong Kong’s next generation of athletics talents. In striving to develop relevant products to help maximize SFHF beneficiaries’ performance, I also work with former athletes to develop better knowledge/experience transfer tools and educational programmes that will ensure SFHF can support needy youngsters for many years to come.

What are your goals at SFHF?

To create a lasting positive sports environment in Hong Kong by carrying out sustainable projects for SFHF by:
– Supporting my fellow SFHF family members in the building of a positive Territorywide value chain.
– Leveraging knowledge transfer from SFHF to innovate locally-branded sports-related assistive tools – at least one example of which will be launched in 2017
– Evolving robust projects that will facilitate sustainable fund-building by SFHF.

Please share your personal mission…

To use sport to shape a better me, a better Hong Kong and a better world!
“Sport has the power to inspire, educate, build values, instill discipline and promote a healthy lifestyle.”