Place of Birth: Hong Kong

Occupation: Head of Screening Sales, North Asia

Why did you join SFHF? 

In addition to having a compassionate heart fueled by an ever-burning passion, SFHF is possessed of a strong sense of urgency. I ultimately joined because I shared the goal of giving talented youngsters from low-income families the support and training they needed to fulfill their sporting dreams.

What does SFHF mean to you?

SFHF means 100% funding effectiveness! Myself and my fellow Foundation members are all voluntary workers whose efforts involve zero administrative or labor costs. All moneys we save the Foundation are used to directly sponsor and positively impact young athletes’ lives.

SFHF also means pioneering effective sport-related charitable pilot schemes such as the CUHK Elite Athletes and HK Olympic Federation Sport Legacy initiatives.

What is your role in SFHF?

I work closely with scheme workers, athletes, sports captains, sponsors and the Foundation’s leadership in successfully carrying through SFHF’s missions.

One of my most fulfilling experiences was serving on the panel that listened to potential SFHF beneficiaries’ hardship stories. Several times, I was almost moved to tears by these youngsters’ perseverance in striving to overcome life’s challenges and inspire hope in others by delivering personal best performances in world-class competitions. Seeing how SFHF sponsorship has enabled many needy youngsters to change their lives by achieving their dreams is ultimately incredibly rewarding!

What are your goals at SFHF?

To transform still more dreams into realities and build still more successful track records that will encourage local companies and government bodies to follow SFHF’s lead in supporting deserving young athletes with pressing financial needs.