Place of Birth: Hong Kong

Occupation: Founder of Or Tea?™

Why did you join SFHF? 

In early 2014 SFHF invited me to help out with a PR event for the launch of their second fundraising initiative. Leveraging my almost two decades of branding and advertising experience, I was delighted to be able to harness my marketing and communications expertise to contribute to such a deserving cause.

What does SFHF mean to you? 

When Marie first explained what SFHF was all about, the three keywords in the Foundation’s mission statement that really resonated with me were – “Never Give Up!!!”. Having always been an entrepreneur myself, this message is a cornerstone of the personal philosophy that has got me where I am today. Ultimately, such positivity is sure to give beneficiaries a huge helping hand when it comes to being a winner in life. Sadly, such an outlook has never been given the chance to take root in the minds of many disadvantaged local youngsters. Like everyone at SFHF, I believe proper sports training will help untapped sporting talents to embrace this more upbeat worldview.

What is your role in SFHF?

To act as an advisor on branding and marketing for each new SFHF initiative.

What are your goals at SFHF?

Aside from raising more funds and organizing different sports events, one of my biggest responsibilities involves raising awareness amongst disadvantaged youngsters. Ultimately, SFHF and myself are trying to nurture the spirit of competitiveness in the hearts and minds of youngsters who are determined to do their best to try and win.

Please share your personal mission…

To simply help others in need. I am grateful for all of the help that I received during my own life journey and happy to try and pay that kindness forward by supporting SFHF and its good work.