Place of Birth: Beijing

Occupation: Director, Institutional FX Sales

Why did you join SFHF? 

As I myself come from an underprivileged family, I’ve always been passionate about helping those in need by doing charity work. My Mum and Dad taught me very early on in life that there are always others who need help more than we ourselves may do and we should do our best to help them. Years later, I was granted a very generous donation that enabled me to complete my higher education on a full scholarship.

Since starting my career, I’ve always searched high and low for opportunities to give something back to society. In 2009, I fulfilled my childhood dream of building a “Project Hope” primary school in rural China. Two years later, I made the very easy decision of accepting SFHF’s invitation to join. The Foundation gives me the freedom to directly involve myself in meaningful charity projects that benefit many needy youngsters. For me, this is something far more precious than simply donating cash to worthy causes.

What does SFHF mean to you? 

SFHF allows me to become directly involved in projects that support talented but underprivileged youngsters. In the past, I’ve been happy to donate to deserving initiatives such as Project Hope, but had next to no direct involvement. SFHF not only gives me the opportunity to help others, but also get to know and stay abreast of the progress those we help are making. For me, this is incredibly rewarding.

What is your role in SFHF?

Each team member shares their insights and then helps make a collective decision about individual projects’ aims and running. Leveraging my financial industry background, I focus more on the Foundation’s financial side. The fact I love crunching numbers and comes in very handy when we allocate resources!

What are your goals at SFHF?

I would love to be able to ensure that SFHF can help youngsters for years to come by making its projects more sustainable. I ultimately hope that – through sports – our beneficiaries will be able to develop into more all-rounded adults who will eventually make a lasting contribution to society.

Please share your personal mission…

To help the needy. To give back to society! To pay it forward!