Triathlete Interview: Annie Chan

At what age did you start triathlon training?

I started when I was twelve in 2007. I was inspired by HK’s top National triathlete Lee Chi Wo (Daniel Lee) during his Asian Games in 2006.



How did you get to know Marie-Christine?

I met her 8 years ago at a hiking trip organized by her sports’ service company called Sport Max. I was immediately impressed by her positive energy and her love of sports.


Why did you get picked to take on the Silk Road cycling challenge with Marie to raise funds for Sports For Hope Foundation?

I was lucky to be selected as I was then a junior National Triathlete who was persistent and committed to challenge myself for a good cause in order to raise funds for Marie’s Sports For Hope Foundation, The mission is to help those financially in need youngster in HK to pursue their sporting dreams.


What’s your most memorable experience cycling with Marie?

The whole 400 km challenge was so memorable because we all had the same mission that to never give up even under the most adverse condition with the weather, unpredictable terrains, high altitude cycling back to the basic survival skills like sleeping in the wildness, limited supply if water and food. Our mindset was super to complete our journey in 3 days.


How did this fund raising experience help you to achieve your dreams?

I have learned to stay strong physically and mentally. Always set a goal and work hard towards it. I have finally succeeded my full Ironman in Cairns this year and came 4th in my age category. I am blessed to be the youngest HK female to complete the full Ironman.


Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I will be graduating from University this year. I will keep my passion for triathlon by training hard to further improve my ability. At the same time, I am determined to become a coach and mentor in order to inspire others.